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The present study aimed to compare the effects of phosphorus (P) deficiency applied only or combined with salinity on root response, P partitioning, acid phosphatase activity, and phenolic compounds in wild (Hordeum maritimum) and cultivated (H. vulgare) barley species. Seedlings were grown hydroponically under low or sufficient P supply, with or without(More)
There is an increasing interest for plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR), particularly those associated with plants originating from extreme environments like saline habitats. We are assessing, here, whether the inoculation with three PGPR bacteria strains isolated from the rhizosphere of Hordeum maritimum naturally growing in saline soil could(More)
Hordeum maritimum (Poacea) is a facultative halophyte potentially useful for forage production in saline zones. Here, we assessed whether moderate NaCl-salinity can modify the plant response to phosphorus (P) shortage. Plants were cultivated for 55 days under low or sufficient P supply (5 or 60 μmol plant−1 week−1 KH2PO4, respectively), with or without 100(More)
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