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In this paper, we propose a novel pseudo chaotic random number generator based on three weakly-coupled discrete Skew tent maps. Its implementation was performed with C language and finite precision N=32, including a chaotic multiplexing technique. We show that our approach permits to avoid dynamic degradation caused by finite precision in one hand, and to(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel stream cipher based on a chaotic system. In order to get the cipher text, the plain text is simply XORed with the key-stream generated by a strong pseudo chaotic number generator (PCNG). Then, all the security of the system is based on the used PCNG. The structure of the proposed PCNG includes two chaotic maps which are(More)
The extremely rapid development of the Internet of Things brings growing attention to the information security issue. Realization of cryptographically strong pseudo random number generators (PRNGs), is crucial in securing sensitive data. They play an important role in cryptography and in network security applications. In this paper, we realize a comparative(More)
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