Ons Al-shamaileh

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The paper investigates the effect of users’ religious identity on their judgments of website quality. Websites related to Islamic and Christian identities were evaluated by Christian and Muslim respondents. Aesthetics, usability, service quality, pleasurable interaction, content, website identity and overall judgment were assessed, showing that respondents(More)
This paper reports an experiment on the effect of website design and repeated exposures on users' overall preferences. Thirty respondents viewed three websites for three times with a two weeks gap between each visit. Respondents viewed a basic website with very limited interactivity, an interactive website with customization features, and a very interactive(More)
This paper reports a study of the influence of website design and repeated exposure to websites on user judgment. Thirty respondents participated in this study; each respondent viewed three websites on three occasions, with a two-week gap between each visit. The three websites differed at their interactivity level; a basic site with limited interactivity,(More)
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