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Organophosphate (OP) and carbamate (CM) are the most commonly used pesticides against insects. Little is known regarding the relationship between dementia and acute OP and CM poisoning. A nationwide population-based cohort study was conducted from the National Health Insurance Research Database in Taiwan. The incidence and relative risk of dementia were(More)
INTRODUCTION The closure of the skin defect of the forehead area with local flap must prevent the distortions of the eyebrow and hairlines and must limit the visibility of the scars. The H plasty is the most common procedure to treat this kind of defect but the scars are extensive and numerous. The H cutaneous flap presents necrosis risks if the skin is(More)
INTRODUCTION Breast cancer can spread to the chest wall. It is an aggressive stage of poor prognosis. We have developed a technique of major chest wall resection extended beyond the breast area in order to reduce the recurrence. PATIENTS AND METHODS This is a retrospective single-center series of 33 patients with breast cancer spread to the chest wall(More)
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