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Reports of major dissatisfaction among adolescent girls over body shape and their associated eating behaviour, prompted determining anthropometric and questionnaire studies on series of rural and urban black, Indian, and white girls aged 14-19 years. Variables were concern over weight, desired weight loss, also practices regarding binge eating, fasting,(More)
Reports on white populations indicate an inverse relationship between serum albumin level and total death rate, also death rates from cardiovascular diseases (CHD) and cancer. Among rural African blacks, CHD is absent, and diet-related cancers rare, so that albumin levels in the elderly would be expected to be elevated. Studies on 50 men and 50 women,(More)
To learn more of the sequelae of obesity in South African elderly rural indigent black women (aged 58-85 years), studies were made on 40 women with BMI greater than or equal to 30, and on 50 non-obese women with BMI of 25 or less, all in outward good health. In the two groups, hypertension (greater than or equal to 160/95 mm Hg) was present in 9 and 5 women(More)
There are several sources that indicate a remarkable increase in the adoption of open source software (OSS) into the technology infrastructure of organizations. In fact, the number of medium to large organizations without some OSS installations, is surprisingly low. This move to open source (OS), as well as the obvious advantages thereof, have motivated the(More)
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