Onisimo Mutanga

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Sirex noctilio is currently the most destructive pest of conifers in South Africa and the wasp is currently causing considerable tree mortality in Pinus patula forests located in the southern parts of the country. Recent estimates indicate that 35,000 ha of P. patula forest are infested and dying (Hurley et al., 2007). In lieu of the future availability of(More)
Globally, subtropical forests are rich in biodiversity. However, the native biodiversity in these forests is threatened by the presence of invasive species such as Chromolaena odorata (L.) King and Robinson, which thrives in forest canopy gaps. Our study explored the utility of WorldView-2 data, an 8-band high resolution (2 m) imagery for mapping the(More)
Subtropical forest loss resulting from conversion of forest to other land-cover types such as grassland, secondary forest, subsistence crop farms and small forest patches affects leaf nitrogen (N) stocks in the landscape. This study explores the utility of new remote sensing tools to model the spatial distribution of leaf N concentration in a forested(More)