Ondrej Votava

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We report on the first observation of the organoxenon HXeCCH molecule in the gas phase. This molecule has been prepared in a molecular beam experiment by 193 nm photolysis of an acetylene molecule on Xe(n) clusters (n approximately 390). Subsequently the molecule has been oriented via the pseudo-first-order Stark effect in a strong electric field of the(More)
An improved procedure for accurate determination of empirical lower state rotational quantum numbers from molecular absorption spectra is demonstrated for methane. We combine the high resolution absorption spectra in the 7070-7300 cm(-1) frequency range obtained in liquid nitrogen cooled cryogenic cell (T = 81 K) and in supersonic planar jet expansion (T(R)(More)
Abstract. Experimental setup for spectroscopic measurements of molecular radicals at low temperatures is presented. Radicals are created in a DC discharge and cooled by supersonic expansion. Absorption spectroscopy in the near IR region is used to probe the neutral transient species formed in the discharge, using tuneable extended cavity diode lasers.(More)
We report the development, characterization, and performance of a new type of time-of-flight mass analyzer that employs an oscillatory ion flight path and uses secondary electrons to record the mass spectrum. The analyzer is simple in concept and design and inexpensive to build and has been made as small as 6-cm total length. The oscillating ions produce a(More)
We demonstrate a visualization of quantum mechanical phenomena with the velocity map imaging (VMI) technique, combining vibrationally mediated photodissociation (VMP) of a simple diatomic HCl with the VMI of its H-photofragments. Free HCl molecules were excited by a pump infrared (IR) laser pulse to particular rotational J levels of the v = 2 vibrational(More)
We have studied the multiphoton photodissociation of (C(2)H(2))(n) and (C(2)H(2))(n) x Ar(m) clusters in molecular beams. The clusters were prepared in supersonic expansions under various conditions, and the corresponding mean cluster sizes were determined, for which the photodissociation at 193 nm was studied. The measured kinetic energy distributions(More)
We have implemented the velocity map imaging technique to study clustering in the pulsed supersonic expansions of hydrogen bromide in helium, argon, and xenon. The expansions are characterized by direct imaging of the beam velocity distributions. We have investigated the cluster generation by means of UV photodissociation and photoionization of HBr(More)
A method is described that provides absolute frequency stabilization and calibration of the signal and idler waves generated by an injection-seeded optical parametric oscillator (OPO). The method makes use of a He-Ne stabilized transfer cavity (TC) to control the frequencies of the cw sources used to seed both the pump laser and OPO cavity. The TC serves as(More)