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—A step-by-step design procedure of sub-bandgap voltage reference (BGR) is proposed. The procedure shows on example structure main design steps of crucial parameters verified later by a simulation. The block is meant to be fabricated in 0.35µm CMOS process with analog options. The main features of the concept are the sub-bandgap output voltage of 0.7V, low(More)
483 patients were operated on one of the percutaneous method. The radiofrequency thermocoagulation, the application of glycerol to the trigeminal cistern and the balloon compression of the ganglion were used. There are no substantial differences in the results and number of recurrences obtained with any of the different lesions. The choice of the type of(More)
OBJECT The authors assessed the affect of gamma knife radiosurgery on patients with glaucoma. METHODS Fifteen eyes in 14 patients were treated with gamma knife radiosurgery during a 14-month period. Ocular pain was alleviated in all patients and intraocular pressure was decreased. There were no early side effects. CONCLUSIONS Further studies are needed(More)
Sixteen patients-epileptics, alcoholics, psychotics and post-contusion cases-were subjected to neurological, psychiatric, psychological, morphological (X-ray, CT, NMR), physiological (EEG, polysomnography, evoked potentials), immunological and SPECT examination. Most had CT and SPECT signs of focal brain damage. The results were but exceptionally due to(More)
The authors made a comprehensive examination of 16 patients--epileptics, alcoholics, psychotic subjects and patients after cerebral contusion. The patients were subjected to a neurological, psychiatric, psychological examination as well as to a morphological examination (X-ray, CT, NMR), physiological examination (EEG, polysomnography, evoked potentials),(More)