Ondrej Rysavy

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Network designers perform challenging tasks with so many configuration options that it is often hard or even impossible for a human to predict all potentially dangerous situations. In this paper, we introduce a formal method approach for verification of security constraints on networks with dynamic routing protocols in use. A unifying model based on(More)
—Formal verification and validation techniques such as model checking are not widely used in computer networks. These methods are very useful to identify configuration errors, identify design problems and predict network behaviours under different network conditions. This paper describes the two main components of the formal verification process, formal(More)
Since type theory merges constructive logic with functional programming language it appears a very promising system for formal program construction. The present thesis deals with this idea in the environment of a type theoretic system equipped with the type constructor representing a simple form of objects. The presented interpretation of an object type(More)
  • Miroslav Sveda, Andrew J Kornecki, Thomas B Hilburn, Wojciech Grega, Jean-Marc Thiriet, Ondrej Rysavy
  • 2009
— This paper provides an overview and a comparison of several international projects which focus on research and development of international computing curricula. The projects address computer based systems in general and more specifically the area of real-time software intensive control systems. Issues related to the analysis, design, implementation and(More)