Ondrej Karpis

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—This paper focuses on problems of gathering parameters of a traffic flow using simple sensors. The first part of the paper describes properties of a sensor node based on a magnetometer. The influence of various parameters (vehicle velocity, sensor location and orientation) on sensor output has been evaluated. We found that the sensor is sufficiently(More)
This article discusses the processing of signals using fast Fourier transformation in low-power microcontrollers based on the ARM core. Simple microcontrollers do not support floating point numbers so fixed point data types must be used. Two ways of calculating FFT are analyzed: CMSIS library and special algorithm optimized for use on ARM processors(More)
—The paper is focused on the use of methods of compressed sensing (CS) in energy efficient monitoring of signals. CS allows to minimize the number of data that need to be transmitted to the sink node in the WSN environment. As a case study, we use compressed sensing for monitoring of mains voltage deformation. In this case we can assume that the measured(More)
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