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Common scab of potatoes is a disease, which is difficult to manage due to complex interactions of the pathogenic bacteria (Streptomyces spp.) with soil, microbial community and potato plants. In Bohemian-Moravian Highlands in the Czech Republic two sites (Vyklantice and Zdirec) were selected for a study of common scab disease suppressivity. At both sites, a(More)
A satellite navigation receiver traditionally searches for positioning signals using an acquisition procedure. In situations, in which the required information is only a binary decision whether at least one positioning signal is present or absent, the procedure represents an unnecessarily complex solution. This paper presents a different approach for the(More)
The recent PWB embedding technology is an attractive packaging alternative that allows a very high degree of miniaturization by stacking multiple core layers of embedded chips, using copper filled micro-vias as interconnections to improve electrical performances. The adoption of disruptive technology in future PWB designs will further increase the thermal(More)
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