Ondrej Danek

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Methods based on combinatorial graph cut algorithms received a lot of attention in the recent years for their robustness as well as reasonable computational demands. These methods are built upon an underlying Maximum a Posteriori estimation of Markov Random Fields and are suitable to solve accurately many different problems in image analysis, including(More)
In this paper, we propose a modification to the Boykov-Kolmogorov maximum flow algorithm [2] in order to make the algorithm preserve the topology of an initial interface. This algorithm is being widely used in computer vision and image processing fields for its efficiency and speed when dealing with problems such as graph cut based image segmentation. Using(More)
Protein exchange kinetics correlate with the level of chromatin condensation and, in many cases, with the level of transcription. We used fluorescence recovery after photobleaching (FRAP) to analyse the kinetics of 18 proteins and determine the relationships between nuclear arrangement, protein molecular weight, global transcription level, and recovery(More)
We present a fast and robust approach to tracking the evolving shape of whole fluorescent cells in time-lapse series. The proposed tracking scheme involves two steps. First, coherence-enhancing diffusion filtering is applied on each frame to reduce the amount of noise and enhance flow-like structures. Second, the cell boundaries are detected by minimizing(More)
Changes in nuclear architecture play an important role in the regulation of gene expression. The importance of epigenetic changes is observed during granulopoiesis, when changes in the nuclear architecture are considered a major factor that influences the downregulation of genes. We aimed to assess the influence of chromatin condensation on the regulation(More)