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Integrated Modular Avionics begins a core part of aircraft electronic installations on military airplanes. Based on more available and powerful electronics this concept is introduced also in to the area of civil aviation despite of more demanding certification process. Modern electronics penetrate also into ultra-light class of airplanes that are more(More)
The accident trends show the pilots do mistakes which can be divided into several groups where every year the percentage distribution of the accidents reaches similar values. The most accidents happen during landing and sometimes it is connected with engine failure. Some accidents happen after a chain of bad decisions which were made by the pilot. This(More)
Classes at Czech Technical University in Prague focused on biomedical engineering are mainly working with physiological aspects of human body. Nowadays it becomes more common to include also psychological effects on human body, because a mental state of a person can affect the way he or she behaves and approaches problems. This paper describes a class which(More)
Even though a modeling of a chemical tank is, in our case, in principle the modeling of a heat exchanger and belongs to the classical tasks, there are always some phenomena in practice, which are either difficult or impossible to include into the model. This especially holds in case of the old devices, where these parasitic events can have quite a large(More)
This paper describes an idea of one approach to small aircraft safety increasing. The project was founded as reaction on numbers of small simple-engine aircraft accidents in the Czech Republic and their usual reason - human factor. Pilots and schools in the Czech Republic recently started to use glass cockpits which can be used also in other way than pure(More)
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