Ondrea Bermudez

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Protein denaturation and aggregation are well-known problems in the pharmaceutical industry. As the protein aggregates, it loses its biological activity and creates problems in its administration to patients. In this paper, we explore the use of aqueous two-phase systems, capillary zone electrophoresis, and dynamic light scattering for the monitoring of(More)
Cells and enzymes can be used to decontaminate soil, water supplies, personal equipment, weapons and hospital equipment that have been exposed to bacteria, toxins or viruses. One of the problems associated with the use of microorganisms and enzymes for decontamination purposes is that the presence of water is not acceptable for some applications such as(More)
The use of aqueous two-phase systems (ATPSs) and each system's individual phase-forming species to prevent Streptococcus sanguis attachment onto hydroxyapatite discs was explored. The strategy that we followed was to attach the cells to a solid surface in the presence of an additional interface. Conditions under which, simultaneously, the phase-forming(More)
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