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Regional Centre of Advanced Technologie Olomouc, Czech Republic. E-mail: giorgio.zo audrey.mokdad@upol.cz Department of Materials Science & Engine Ioannina, Greece Department of Biosciences (IBV), University † Electronic supplementary information additional XPS data, SEM and TEM mic FT-IR, Raman, UV-vis, uorescence spec additional cytotoxicity test on(More)
A novel core-shell hybrid nanomaterial composed of peculiar maghemite nanoparticles (surface-active maghemite nanoparticles (SAMNs)) as the core and tannic acid (TA) as the shell was developed by self-assembly of ferric tannates onto the surface of SAMNs by simple incubation in water. The hybrid nanomaterial (SAMN@TA) was characterized by using UV/Vis,(More)
Curcumin possesses wide-ranging anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties and its biological activity can be linked to its potent antioxidant capacity. Superparamagnetic maghemite (γ-Fe2 O3 ), called surface-active maghemite nanoparticles (SAMNs) were surface-modified with curcumin molecules, due to the presence of under-coordinated Fe(III) atoms on the(More)
Dichromate binds to surface-active maghemite nanoparticles (SAMNs) to form a stable core-shell nanostructures (SAMN@Cr(VI) ). The hybrid was characterized by Mössbauer spectroscopy, high-angle annular dark-field imaging, electron energy-loss spectroscopy, and electrochemical techniques, which revealed a strong interaction of dichromate with the nanoparticle(More)
Large amounts of biochar are produced worldwide for potential agricultural applications. However, this material can also be used as an efficient biosorbent for xenobiotics removal. In this work, biochar was magnetically modified using microwave-synthesized magnetic iron oxide particles. This new type of a magnetically responsive biocomposite material can be(More)
An iron compound of +6 oxidation state (Fe(VI)O4(2-), Fe(vi)) is a green molecule for various applications (water oxidation catalyst, organic transformation for synthesis, and water remediation agent). However, its use is hindered because of its inherent decay in aqueous solution. This study presents a systematic kinetics investigation of the decay of(More)
Citrinin is a nephrotoxic mycotoxin which can be synthesized by Monascus mold during the fermentation process in foods. Monascus, generally described as red mold, is a red-pigmented filamentous fungus attracting a great interest for the production of natural dyes and cholesterol-lowering statins. We individuated a specie of Monascus producing high amount of(More)
Iron carbides are of eminent interest in both fundamental scientific research and in the industry owing to their properties such as excellent mechanical strength and chemical inertness. They have been found very effective in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis exploring heterogeneous catalysis for the production of chemicals such as liquid fuel and they have also(More)
The present study is aimed at the exploration of achievable improvements for Cr(VI) ex situ and in situ water remediation by using novel naked colloidal maghemite (γ-Fe2 O3 ) nanoparticles (surface active maghemite nanoparticles, SAMNs). The reliability of SAMNs for Cr(VI) binding and removal was demonstrated, and SAMN@Cr(VI) complex was characterized, as(More)
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