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Disruption Tolerant Network (DTN) refers to the type of sparse mobile ad hoc network where the nodes are connected intermittently. A common strategy to cope with intermittent network connectivity is to use multiple-copy routing for message delivery. However, the resultant replicates of messages incur significant burden on the bandwidth and storage(More)
Drive-thru Internet systems are multiple-access wireless networks in which users in moving vehicles can connect to a road-side access point (AP) to obtain Internet connectivity for some period of time as the vehicles pass through the AP's coverage range. In order to evaluate the type of communication services and the quality-of-service that these systems(More)
Wepropose an adaptive and energy-efficient TDMA-basedMACprotocol that significantly reduces energy consumption in the network, while efficiently handling network traffic load variations and optimizing channel utilization through a timeslot stealing mechanism and a timeslot reassignment procedure. We have analytically derived the average delay performance of(More)