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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the efficacy of immediate intramasseteric injection of dexamethasone on postoperative oedema. METHODS The prospective study was conducted at the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey, in July 2012, and comprised patients aged 15-32 years who presented for the removal of bilateral vertical(More)
Objective and Case Report: In this report a female patient with the lesion diagnosed as focal semento-osseous dysplasia by histological and radiological examination on the left mandibular molar region is presented and these focal semento-osseous dysplasia lesions are reviewed according to the literature. Conclusion: Histological and radiographic examination(More)
Intraosseous hemangioma is a benign vascular neoplasm, which is mostly seen in vertebrae, maxillofacial bones, and long bones. Intraosseous hemangioma is rarely seen on jaw bones compared to other skeletal bones and usually occurs in the cavernous form. Capillary intraosseous hemangioma of jaws is an uncommon form of intraosseous hemangioma and has not been(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effect of oversized drilling on implant success and secondary stability. METHODS The experimental study was conducted in Turkey from January to July 2013, after approval by the ethics committee of the University of Ankara, and comprised 2 female sheep. Alumina blasted implants 4mm in diameter and 10mm in length were employed; 16(More)
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