Omrane Fadhel

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Conjugated systems based on phospholes and 1,1'-biphospholes bearing 3,4-ethylenedithia bridges have been prepared using the Fagan-Nugent route. The mechanism of this organometallic route leading to intermediate zirconacyclopentadienes has been investigated by using theoretical calculations. This study revealed that the oxidative coupling leading to(More)
Two series of phospholes and 1,1'-biphospholes bearing either 2- or 3-thienyl substituents at the C atoms are prepared by using the Fagan-Nugent route. Their optical (UV/Vis absorption, fluorescence spectra) and electrochemical properties are systematically evaluated. Of particular interest, the first ever reported 3-thienyl-substituted phospholes exhibit(More)
Two methodologies of C-C bond formation to achieve organometallic complexes with 7 or 9 conjugated carbon atoms are described. A C7 annelated trans-[Cl(dppe)2Ru=C=C=C-CH=C(CH2)-C[triple bond]C-Ru(dppe)2Cl][X] (X = PF6, OTf) complex is obtained from the diyne trans-[Cl(dppe)2Ru-(C[triple bond]C)2-R] (R = H, SiMe3) in the presence of [FeCp2][PF6] or HOTf, and(More)
The photophysical, electrochemical, and optoelectronic properties of conjugated systems incorporating dibenzophosphole or phosphole moieties are described. Dibenzophosphole derivatives are not suitable materials for OLEDs due to their weak photoluminescence (PL) in the solid state and the instability of the devices. Variation of the substitution pattern of(More)
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