Omran A. Bukhres

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A multidatabase system (MDBS) is a confederation of preexisting distributed, heterogeneous, and autonomous database systems. There has been a recent proliferation of research suggesting the application of object-oriented techniques to facilitate the complex task of designing and implementing MDBSs. Although this approach seems promising, the lack of a(More)
In a mobile computing environment, a user carrying a portable computer can execute a mobile transaction by submitting the operations of the transaction to distributed data servers from different locations. The mobility of transaction hosts introduces new issues concerning the efficiency of transaction lock management in the distributed data servers. For(More)
Global transaction management requires cooperation from local sites to ensure the consistent and reliable execution of global transactions in a distributed database system. In a heterogeneous distributed database (or multidatabase) environment, various local sites make conflicting assertions of autonomy over the execution of global transactions. A flexible(More)
This paper addresses the problem of recovering object-oriented schemata from relational databases. Solutions to this problem are particularly useful for designing wrappers for federated database systems. Our goal here is to describe a reverse engineering methodology for the DOK federated database system (Tari et al. 1996), enabling the wrappers to express(More)
Work flow management requires language support for work flow specification and task specification. Many approaches and systems for work flow management therefore offer at least one new language for work flow specification; task specification is usually done in a traditional language. This is motivated in particular by the fact that many components already(More)
The computing environments of most organizations currently consist of distributed, heterogeneous, and autonomous hardware and software systems. Previously, these systems ran in isolation, supporting their individual applications. However, decreasing network costs made the connection of these distributed systems feasible, and it soon became evident that more(More)
Existing and well entrenched hardware and software systems are the product of lengthy and individual developmental histories. The introduction of harmonious cooperation among such systems carries the potential for great increasea in productivity and improvement in applications processing. However. the utilization of these heterogeneous components is(More)