Omolara Fatukasi

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We address the problem of score level fusion of intramodal and multimodal experts in the context of biometric identity verification. We investigate the merits of confidence based weighting of component experts. In contrast to the conventional approach where confidence values are derived from scores, we use instead raw measures of biometric data quality to(More)
—Automatically verifying the identity of a person by means of biometrics (e.g., face and fingerprint) is an important application in our day-today activities such as accessing banking services and security control in airports. To increase the system reliability, several biometric devices are often used. Such a combined system is known as a multimodal(More)
The quality of biometric samples used by multimodal bio-metric experts to produce matching scores has a significant impact on their fusion. We address the problem of quality controlled fusion of multiple biometric experts and focus on the fusion problem in a scenario where biometric trait quality expressed in terms of quality measures can be coarsely(More)
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