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What a waste! Developing the food waste-preventing behaviors scale – A useful tool to promote household food waste-prevention
By causing high amounts of household food waste, German households contribute significantly to serious global threats for the environment. Unfortunately, current information campaigns, conducted by
The school-level factors associated with internet addiction among adolescents: A Cross-Sectional study in Bangladesh
Objectives: The adolescents have increased the use of the Internet not ably over the last few years. Here we investigate the prevalence of Internet addiction among adolescents and identify the
Acromio-Axillo-Suprasternal Notch Index: A New Screening Test to Predict Difficult Laryngoscopy in General Population
The value of preoperative assessment of AASI ≥ 0.6 is considered to be a good and reliable predictor for difficult visualization of larynx in normal population in comparison with the other common predictors.
Methods for Extraction, Isolation and Purification of C-phycocyanin: 50 years of research in review
Context: Spirulina (Arthrospira) exerts a wide spectrum of pharmacological activities that are largely attributed to its phycobiliprotein content, mainly to C-phycocyanin. The extraction, isolation
Elimination of the Heavy Metals Toxicity and Diseases in Disruption of Extracellular Matrix (ECM) Proteins and Cell Adhesion Intelligent Nanomolecules Adjustment in Cancer Metastases Using
Heavy metals Nano compounds are important synthetic intermediates in organic, medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry and are valuable in the preparation of biologically and pharmaceutically relevant
Pesticide Residues in Food Grains, Vegetables and Fruits: A Hazard to Human Health
Pesticides are widely used in agriculture mainly to increase crop yields to cater huge supply of food products for increasing world population as well as to protect crops from pests and control
Effect Of Drying Methods And Extraction Time-Temperature Regime On Mango Kernel Lipids
In this study, effect of drying method and time temperature regime of extraction on quality of mango kernel lipid was evaluated. Hot air drying required drying of seeds for long intervals and
C-CVD grown MWCNTs: disclosure of defects by influence of drying condition on carboxyl functionalized structure
Generally, nano-materials reinforced by MWCNT are becoming a newest area of research investigation for scientists especially, who related work with materials science and mechanical engineering even