Omiros Kourakos

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This paper presents a novel robotic architecture that is suitable for modular distributed multi-robot systems. The architecture is based on an interface supporting real-time inter-process communication, which allows simple and highly efficient data exchange between the modules. It allows monitoring of the internal system state and easy logging, thus(More)
This video presents a robot capable of playing pool on a normal sized pool table using two arms. For successfully completing this task several issues need to be addressed, including the perception of relevant environment information, planning of actions and finally an efficient execution. The video outlines how the robot accurately locates the pool table,(More)
The overall performance of a robotic system is commonly expressed by a single scenario-specific metric which is supposed to be optimized. However, the metric describing the performance of a single subtask within a scenario may be different. Nevertheless, the scenario performance is most likely dependent on the subtask performances but a mutual(More)
Robotic systems operating in the real-world have to cope with unforeseen events by determining appropriate decisions based on noisy or partial knowledge. In this respect high functional robots are equipped with many sensors and actuators and run multiple processing modules in parallel. The resulting complexity is even further increased in case of(More)
In comparison to industrial settings with structured environments, the operation of autonomous robots in unstructured and uncertain environments is more challenging. This video presents a generic control and system architecture ARCADE, applicable for real-time robot control in complex task situations. Several methods to cope with uncertainties are(More)
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