Omid Zargari

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BACKGROUND Paederus dermatitis develops when beetles of the genus Paederus (often called rove beetles) are crushed on the skin, releasing the vesicant pederin. These beetles are found in many tropical and subtropical habitats. METHODS We describe 156 patients who presented to a dermatology clinic in the Guilan province of northern Iran during a 6-month(More)
BACKGROUND Tongue lesions are not uncommon in psoriasis, but their significance is not clear. Aims. To determine the prevalence of tongue lesions in patients with psoriasis and to detect possible associations. METHODS All consecutive patients with psoriasis seen in a dermatology clinic in northern Iran between January 2000 and January 2005 were enrolled(More)
We report a 29-year-old woman with multiple small keratotic papules on her lateral fingers and first and second toes. Histopathology revealed a compact parakeratotic column with a poorly developed stratum granulosum, indicating punctate porokeratotic keratoderma (PPK). We discuss demographics, etiology, histopathology, differential diagnosis, and treatment(More)
Fox-Fordyce disease is an uncommon disorder primarily affecting postpubertal females. It is characterized by intensely pruritic, papular eruptions in apocrine-gland bearing regions. Rarity and scant literature have resulted in a lack of definitive treatment options or pathognomonic diagnostic indicators. We report a 16-year-old boy with typical findings of(More)
We report a 33-year-old Iranian woman with widespread ulcerative lesions in the setting of lepromatous leprosy. We think that the sudden appearance of the characteristic necrotic lesions in the absence of fever and other systemic manifestation, and in accordance with epidermal necrosis and the presence of large numbers of AFB in the endothelium are all in(More)
A 40-year-old man presented in January 2001 with multiple purple plaques and nodules, which had been present on the back for approximately 3 years. The lesions had gradually extended over the face, trunk and proximal extremities. He had no symptoms except occasional mild pruritus. The patient was in good health and was on no medications. Physical(More)
BACKGROUND Internet use has grown rapidly in Iran, but there is no information about how Iranian Internet users gather medical information through this medium. OBJECTIVE To study the use of the Internet as a medical resource by Iranian patients with chronic dermatologic problems. METHODS We carried out a structured interview of all patients 20-40 years(More)