Omid Soltani

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A highly stereoselective method for preparing ( Z)- and ( E)-enol triflates derived from substituted acetoacetate derivatives is described. The salient feature of this methodology is the use of Schotten-Baumann-type conditions to control enolate geometry using either aqueous LiOH ( Z-selective) or aqueous (Me)(4)NOH ( E-selective) in combination with(More)
A mild catalytic asymmetric transfer hydrogenation of beta,beta-disubstituted nitroalkenes is reported. Formic acid is used as a reductant in combination with an Ir catalyst. The reaction is conducted in water at low pH and open to air to give adducts in preparatively useful yield and selectivity.
[structure: see text] We describe a highly convergent synthetic approach to the natural product (+)-SCH 351448 (1)-a hexane-soluble heptacoordinate monosodium salt of a C(2)-symmetrical macrocyclic dilactone. Our approach implements a photochemical acylation as the key step to combine two nearly identical but orthogonal C1-C29 fragments, followed by a(More)
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