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In this paper we elaborate on the correspondence between the quantum Hall system with filling factor equal to one and the N = 4 SYM theory in the 1/2 BPS sector, previously mentioned in the [hep-th/0409174, 0409115]. We show the equivalence of the two in various formulations of the quantum Hall physics. We present an extension of the noncommutative(More)
Kovtun, Son and Starinets have conjectured that the viscosity to entropy density ratio η/s is always bounded from below by a universal multiple of ~ i.e., ~/(4πkB) for all forms of matter. Mysteriously, the proposed viscosity bound appears to be saturated in all computations done whenever a supergravity dual is available. We consider the near horizon limit(More)
We study classical dynamics of a probe Dp-brane moving in a background sourced by a stack of Dp-branes. In this context the physics is similar to that of the effective action for open-string tachyon condensation, but with a power-law runaway potential. We show that small inhomogeneous ripples of the probe brane embedding grow with time, leading to folding(More)
For generic field theories at finite temperature, a power-law falloff of correlation functions of conserved currents at long times is a prediction of non-linear hydrodynamics. We demonstrate, through a one-loop computation in Einstein gravity in Anti de Sitter space, that this effect is reproduced by the dynamics of black hole horizons. The result is in(More)
We examine the behavior of the spectral function for the T μ μ operator in QCD in the two regimes where it is possible to make analytical progress; weak coupling, and close to a second order QCD phase transition. We determine the behavior of the bulk viscosity in each regime. We discuss the problem of analytic continuation of the (lattice) Euclidean(More)
We study minisuperspace quantum cosmology for a 2+1 dimensional Ads universe and find wave function, then we extend the model to a canonically quantized field theory for quantum gravity, i.e., a midisuperspace and solve quantum constraint the wave functional of the field theory in the saddle point approximation, we find that these two approach yield in(More)
In this thesis, we have proposed some novel thought experiments involving foundations of quantum mechanics and quantum information theory, using quantum entanglement property. Concerning foundations of quantum mechanics, we have suggested some typical systems including two correlated particles which can distinguish between the two famous theories of quantum(More)