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In this paper, we will discuss a new approach for semantic Web services ranking. This helps users to find required services in a precise manner. In fact, this new approach represents a ranking algorithm based on vector space model (VSM). In this model, the user query and each of its related results (retrieved services) will be modeled as a vector. By using(More)
Over the past decade, the increasing availability of the World Wide Web has held out the possibility that the efficiency of scientific measurements could be enhanced in cases where experiments were being conducted at distant facilities. Examples of early successes have included X-ray diffraction (XRD) experimental measurements of protein crystal structures(More)
The management of clouds comprised of hundreds of hosts and virtual machines present challenging problems to administrators in ensuring that performance agreements are met and that resources are efficiently utilized. Automated approaches can help in managing such environments. Autonomic managers using policy-based management can provide a useful approach to(More)
In this paper we address some of the main challenges in collaboration between different autonomic managers in a policy-based management environment. We focus on three main questions: how should managers collaborate with each other, when do they need to collaborate and what information do they need to exchange in communication. In our initial investigation,(More)
This paper describes an e-Science initiative to enable teams of scientists to run experiments with secure links at one or more advanced research facilities. The software provides a widely distributed team with a set of controls and screens via common browsers to operate, observe and record essential parts of an experiment and to access remote cloud-based(More)
In distributed systems one of the main requirements is searching on distributed data which are sometimes inherently dispersed and exists in large volume. Current systems have different approaches to this problem and address certain aspects of it. In this paper we propose a general solution which can be configured according to the problem requirements and is(More)
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