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Purpose: The problem includes the three objective functions: minimizing the total cost, the net rejected items and the inverse total value of purchasing (TVP), while satisfying capacity and demand requirement constraints. Design/methodology/approach: The model is established for supplier selection problem and later the proposed single objective model is(More)
Supplier selection is a multi-attribute decision making (MADM) problem that is affected by quantitative and qualitative factors, some of which may conflict with each other. Since most of the input information is not known accurately, selecting the right suppliers becomes more difficult. Grey theory is one of the new mathematical methods used to analyze(More)
Purpose: In this article, we combine this new approach based on the concepts of Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution (TOPSIS) to evaluate and select the best supplier. Design/methodology/approach: Supplier evaluation is a Multi-Attribute Decision-Making (MADM) problem that is affected by quantitative and qualitative factors, some(More)
Suppliers, one of the important factors, directly affect to trade strategy of a company which frequently changed. Evaluating the supplier’s abilities is a required step to select the appropriate supplier who ensure meet the demands of the company flexibly. This paper integrates both MADM and MODM approaches considering quantitative and qualitative(More)
Supplier selection, in real situation, is affected by several qualitative and quantitative factors and is one of the most important activities of purchasing department. Since at the time of evaluating suppliers against the criteria or factors, decision makers (DMS) do not have precise, exact and complete information, supplier selection becomes more(More)
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