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In this paper, a routing model for minimizing hot spots in the network on chip (NOC) is presented. The model makes use of AntNet routing algorithm which is based on Ant colony. Using this algorithm, which we call AntNet routing algorithm, heavy packet traffics are distributed on the chip minimizing the occurrence of hot spots. To evaluate the efficiency of(More)
Naive-Bayes and k-NN classifiers are two machine learning approaches for text classification. Rocchio is the classic method for text classification in information retrieval. Based on these three approaches and using classifier fusion methods, we propose a novel approach in text classification. Our approach is a supervised method, meaning that the list of(More)
Many 2-D data processing applications can be simplified and represented by use of 1-D operations. Such tools, however, require applying both vertical and horizontal operations to the data blocks. The data transposing units is preferred to be used by the designers rather than applying individual operations for horizontal and vertical directions. Hence,(More)
Plagiarism detection is the process of locating text reuse within a suspicious document. The plagiarism detection corpora are used for evaluating plagiarism detection systems. In this paper, we present a bilingual PersianEnglish plagiarism detection corpus. We provide our corpus for the task of text alignment corpus construction in the PAN 2015 competition.(More)
The order and arrangement of the main components in a JPEG2000 encoder, referred to as coding sequence hereafter, plays a significant role in its performance and implementation cost. Typical JPEG2000 encoders, which may use a pre-compression or a post-compression bit allocation, require a large amount of memory to store the wavelet coefficients, compressed(More)
The task of plagiarism detection is to find passages of text-reuse in a suspicious document. This task is of increasing relevance, since scholars around the world take advantage of the fact that information about nearly any subject can be found on the World Wide Web by reusing existing text instead of writing their own. We organized the Persian PlagDet(More)
H.264/AVC as the most recent video coding standard delivers significantly better performance compared to previous standards, supporting higher video quality over lower bit rate channels. The H.264 in-loop deblocking filter is one of the several complex techniques that have realized this superior coding quality. The deblocking filter is a computationally and(More)