Omid Fatahi Valilai

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Integrated product development is comprised of CAD, process planning and CNC code generation based on an integrated data structure. To enable various CAD/CAM software solutions to be interoperable, it is necessary to realize reliable and robust information exchange in manufacturing enterprises. To realize interoperability there are two basic approaches: i.(More)
In today’s competitive market, information technology tools play a most important role in new product development. Integrated design includes CAD, process planning and CNC code generation. The commercialized CAD/CAM software solutions and industrial systems can be acquired readily. These solutions or systems, however, cannot connect together in a seamless(More)
Nowadays companies strive to survive in a competitive global environment. To speed up product development/modifications, it is suggested to adopt a collaborative product development approach. However, despite the advantages of new IT improvements still many CAx systems work separately and locally. Collaborative design and manufacture requires a product(More)
Product development can be defined as the process by which the inception, conception, development, realization, maintenance and demolition/decommissioning of a facility (constructed works) can be described and managed. A crucial problem in the development of new products is to reduce the time required for their design and manufacture while still maintaining(More)
Today’s information technology capabilities enable the enterprises to increase the manufacturing collaboration and interoperability among their different departments. These departments are engaged in different product development processes from design to manufacturing. INFELT STEP is a three-layered platform. These layers have functions and structures that(More)
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