Omid Aminian

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BACKGROUND Some medical disorders have higher prevalence in shift workers than others. This study was designed to evaluate the effect of night-shift-working on total plasma antioxidant capacity, with respect to the causative role of oxidative stress in induction of some of these disorders. METHODS Two blood samples were taken from 44 workers with a(More)
BACKGROUND Night work is associated with disturbed sleep and wakefulness, particularly in relation to the night shift. Circadian rhythm sleep disorders are characterized by complaints of insomnia and excessive daytime sleepiness that are primarily due to alterations in the internal circadian timing system or a misalignment between the timing of sleep and(More)
BACKGROUND Road transport drivers are one of the professional groups whose activities have a strong impact of public safety. In view of the natural professional activity, the drivers are at a higher risk of obesity, hypertension and hyperlipidemia, and carbohydrate metabolism disorders such as diabetes mellitus. MATERIALS AND METHODS Medical documentation(More)
BACKGROUND BACKGROUND Today, occupational accidents are one of the most important problems in industrial world. Due to lack of appropriate system for registration and reporting, there is no accurate statistics of occupational accidents all over the world especially in developing countries. OBJECTIVES The aim of this study is epidemiological assessment(More)
BACKGROUND Lymphoma is a malignancy, arises from lymphoid tissue. Nowadays, it is the ninth most common cancer in Iran. The risk factors of malignant lymphomas have not well determined, but since 20 years ago till now, too many epidemiological researches have been concerning either Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL) or Hodgkin's Disease (HD). It is a common usual(More)
Background and Objective: Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is the most common type of sleep-disordered breathing. Multivariable apnea prediction (MAP) index consists of three questions about the frequency of OSA symptoms plus body mass index (BMI), age and sex that categorizes the patients to low and high risk for OSA using a formula. Objective MAP index was(More)
BACKGROUND Approximately 5-10% of human cancers are thought to be caused by occupational exposure to carcinogens. Compare to other cancers, bladder cancer is most strongly linked to occupational exposure to chemical toxins. This study has been performed to understand which occupations and exposures are related to bladder cancer in Iran. MATERIALS AND(More)
BACKGROUND The reproductive system is one of the organs that are affected by lead. Lead can cause loss of libido and fertility in men, and menstrual disturbances and spontaneous abortion in woman. OBJECTIVE The purpose of this cross-sectional study was assessment of dose-response relationship between blood lead level (BLL) and sex hormones levels in lead(More)
BACKGROUND Polyvinyl chloride is used in production and manufacturing of many essential tools (e.g. plastic pipes, photography films, etc.). Its production is impossible without the use of vinyl chloride monomer (VCM), which can cause liver damage in long-term. In this study we intend to assess the effects of mild to moderate long term exposure to VCM on(More)
BACKGROUND Recently, it has been observed that Video Display Terminals (VDTs) usage for long periods can cause some dermatological manifestations on the face. An analytical cross-sectional study was designed in order to determine this relationship. METHODS In this study, 600 office workers were chosen randomly from an organization in Tehran (Iran). The(More)
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