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In this paper, we develop a new and comprehensive analytical framework for the performance analysis of variable gain dual-hop relay networks over generalized-K fading channels which are typically encountered in composite fading/shadowing environments. We propose a new and generic approach for deriving the closed-form expressions of the ergodic(More)
In this paper, we analyze the ergodic capacity (per unit bandwidth) and Average symbol error probability (ASEP) of an incremental relaying protocol used in conjunction with opportunistic relaying and consider a non-regenerative wireless relay network with Rayleigh fading channels. We consider a selection combining technique at the destination in order to(More)
In this paper the performance of amplify and forward relay system with Maximum Ratio Combining (MRC) and Selective Combining (SC) over Nakagami-m fading channels is studied by considering both MRC and SC schemes at the destination, we derive the cumulative density function (CDF), probability density function (PDF) and moment generating function (MGF) for(More)
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