Omer Selvi

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We consider an optimal control problem for the hybrid model of a deterministic flow shop system, in which the jobs are processed in the order they arrive at the system. The problem is decomposed into a higher-level discrete-event system control problem of determining the optimal service times, and a set of lower-level classical control problems of(More)
Extending earlier work on single-stage stochastic hybrid system models, we consider a two-stage stochastic hybrid system where the job arrivals are represented through a Poisson process, and the service times required to attain a desired physical state are exponentially distributed dependent on the controllable process rates. For the case where the costs(More)
We consider an optimization problem for deterministic flow shop systems of traditional machines with service costs penalizing small service times. A regular completion-time cost is also included so as to complete jobs as early as possible. The service times are assumed to be initially controllable, i.e., they are set at the startup time. Assuming convexity(More)
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