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The SiO2 gate of an ion-sensitive field-effect transistor, (ISFET), is functionalized with a TiO2 film that includes imprinted molecular sites for 4-chlorophenoxy acetic acid, (1), or 2,4-dichlorophenoxy acetic acid, (2). The functionalized devices that include the imprinted interfaces reveal an impressive selectivity in the sensing of the imprinted(More)
We consider the effects of adding a scale invariant R 2 term to the action of the scale invariant model (SIM) studied previously by one of us (E. to the general class of theories, where an integration measure independent of the metric is introduced. To implement scale invariance (S.I.), a dilaton field is introduced. The integration of the equations of(More)
As the number of investors in real estate expands and current investors increase their target allocations, we can expect to see a substantial increase in the investment pace in real estate for institutions. Investors seeking high yields have been shifting their focus away from core investments due to high prices and resulting low yields, and have started to(More)
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