Omer Fatih Nas

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The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of stent cell geometry on midterm results of carotid artery stenting (CAS). One hundred fifty-five patients underwent CAS between February 2010 and December 2012. Ninety-one open- and 84 closed-cell stents were used in this non-randomized, retrospective study. Periprocedural complications were defined as(More)
The treatment options for high risk acute pulmonary embolism (PE) patients with failed systemic thrombolytic treatment (STT) is limited. The clinical use of catheter directed thrombolysis with the EkoSonic Endovascular System (EKOS) in this population has not been evaluated before. Catheter directed thrombolysis is an effective treatment modality for high(More)
Endovascular treatment of wide-necked bifurcation aneurysms may be challenging. The waffle-cone technique can be used in these aneurysms in case of acute angulation between parent artery and distal artery of the aneurysm. Solitaire® stent (Ev3, Irvine, CA, USA) has the significant advantage of mitigating the potential complication risks. This study reports(More)
True aneurysm of pancreaticoduodenal arcade (PDA) is usually accompanied by stenosis or occlusion of celiac trunk (CeT). The up-to-date and first choice treatment modality of PDA aneurysm is the endovascular approach in nearly all cases except few selected ones necessitating surgery. The main approach in endovascular treatment is embolization of the(More)
Endovascular treatment of wide-necked bifurcation aneurysms can be challenging, despite improvements in endovascular techniques. Y stent-assisted coiling is one such technique, but this may not be technically feasible, especially in cases of acute angulation between the proximal and distal parent arteries, and may require use of "modified Y-configured(More)
PURPOSE AND OBJECTIVES To assess the effectiveness of percutaneous vertebroplasty (PV) in patients with vertebral collapse due to metastases. MATERIALS AND METHODS PV procedures performed on 95 vertebras in 52 patients with primary malignancy were retrospectively evaluated. Vertebral metastases, primary malignancies of the patients, pain before and after(More)