Omer Faruk Simsek

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Although considered an important component of a healthy personality, self-reflection has not so far been shown to have any specific benefits for mental health. This research addresses this issue by taking into consideration two important suppressor variables, self-rumination and the need for absolute truth. The latter is an innovative variable, defined and(More)
BACKGROUND The novel amido and O-ferrocenyldithiophosphonates [FcP(S)(SH)(NHR1)] (Fc = Fe(η5-C5H5)(η5-C5H4), R1 = 1-(4-fluorophenylethyl and benzyloxycyclopentyl) and [FcP(S)(OR2)S-][H3N+C(CH3)3] (R2 = myrtanyl) were synthesized by the reaction of [(FcPS2)]2 (Fc = Fe(η5-C5H5)(η5-C5H4)) and chiral amines, such as (S)-(-)-1-(4-fluorophenylethyl) amine and(More)
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