Omer Faruk Gemici

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In this paper, digital implementation of analogue logarithmic amplifiers used to detect the envelope of radar signals are studied for radar analysis systems. RF signals are downconverted to IF band using downconverters. The envelope of IF signal is named Video signal and has significant information about radar. Analogue logarithmic amplifiers (ALogAmp) are(More)
Advancing the readiness level of 5G technologies requires hardware development activities, where the infrastructure has outmost importance. In this paper, we present multicore ARM-DSP based 5G technology development platform which will expedite commercializing the findings of the 5G researches. In the proposed platform, multicore DSP processors with(More)
In this paper, we present a genetic algorithm (GA) based resource allocation technique for indoor optical visible light communication (VLC) networks. Optical VLC network using existing lighting infrastructure in an indoor environment is a cellular network with very small size cells. It is necessary to have effective resource allocation mechanisms for VLC(More)
After a disaster, a rapid damage assessment is required for coordinating emergency response teams and planning emergency aid. In this study, in line with AFAD requirements, VİSKON-RS software was developed for the aim of using disaster damage assessment by analysing images obtained via remote(space/air) imaging technologies. The developed software(More)
Non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) is an important candidate for 5G radio access technology. In NOMA transmitter, different users' signals are superposed on the same radio resource with different power allocation factors. The receiver removes other users' signals from the received signal before decoding its own signal. In this work, an iterative gradient(More)
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