Omer Faris Hikmat

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Pneumatic systems are widely used in the automation industry and in the field of automatic control. This work proposes two control approaches, Proportional Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy (P-ANFIS) controller and PD-Fuzzy (PDFLC) controller for a modified single acting pneumatic cylinder position control. The design steps of each controller implemented on(More)
Inductors are primary elements in many radio frequency circuitries and devices. This review gives a comprehensive survey on the developments and performances of fixed and variable RF MEMS inductors. MEMS inductors are the core of this review due to their high-yield performances and the wide choices of possible tuning techniques. First, the factors that(More)
This paper reports a novel out-of-plane tunable inductor using NiTi shape-memory-alloy (SMA) with two-way shape-memory-effect. The five-turns coil with an overall diameter of 7.2 mm is monolithically fabricated in a single step and is trained to have two memorized out-of-plane states: martensite (cold-state) and austenite (hotstate). The coil provides large(More)
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