Omer Cayirpunar

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Maximization of network lifetime is one of the most important design goals in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). In WSNs with static base stations, sensor nodes close to the base station dissipate most of their energies for relaying other sensor nodes’ data. Although cooperation among the sensor nodes results in longer network lifetimes in comparison to(More)
Communication has an important role in multirobot systems. It can facilitate cooperation, therefore, improve the performance of the system significantly. In this study we investigated the benefits of networked communication by experimentally evaluating the results of two search algorithms which are spiral search and informed random search. The experiments(More)
Base station position in wireless sensor networks (WSN) has a significant impact on the network lifetime. The network's lifetime is inversely proportional to the total energy spent in the sensor nodes. The energy consumption for the communication which forms the largest part of this energy is directly related with the base station location in the network.(More)
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