Omer A. Musa

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Phase I of the International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood has provided valuable information regarding international prevalence patterns and potential risk factors in the development of asthma, allergic rhinoconjunctivitis and eczema. However, in Phase I, only six African countries were involved (Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Kenya, South Africa(More)
The initial pathophysiological events that characterize CCK-hyperstimulation pancreatitis include the breakdown of the actin filament system and disruption of cadherin-catenin protein complexes. Cadherins and catenins are part of adherens junctions, which may act as anchor for the cellular actin filament system. We examined the composition and regulation of(More)
BACKGROUND Soft tissue malignancies constituted a heterogeneous group of rare solid tumors of mesenchymal cell origin with distinct clinical and pathological features. OBJECTIVES To review all the histologically confirmed soft tissue malignancies, with their age, sex distribution, and histological characteristics in Sagamu, South-West Nigeria. METHODS A(More)
Most pancreatic secretory proteins are packaged within the trans-Golgi network into zymogen granules, which are secreted in a regulated manner by exocytosis. But others enter alternative, constitutive-like pathways directed towards both apical and basolateral membranes. Our in-vivo studies suggest that secretion via the latter type of pathway, which may be(More)
Various reports suggest an increasing incidence of breast cancer in Nigeria. The large volume of literature published on the subject of breast cancer bear witness to the interest shown in the subject. We therefore carried out a review of 50 cases of breast cancer recently confirmed histologically by our unit to study their characteristics and compare these(More)
SETTING Emergency rooms. OBJECTIVE To assess quality of care and its determinants for asthma patients before emergency room treatment. DESIGN Consecutive patients with acute severe asthma attending emergency rooms were questioned about the severity of their disease and treatment in the previous 4 weeks. Prescriptions of inhaled corticosteroids were(More)
Tamoxifen is the primary hormonal therapy for breast cancer as well as its chemoprevention. It is used in the management of breast cancer because of its anti oestrogenic effect. It is however an agonist on the endometrium with undesirable effects of endometrial proliferation with the risk of endometrial hyperplasia and carcinoma. Several authors have(More)
OBJECTIVE To prove that the difference in human skin color can be used as a new fingerprint. METHODS A cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted in the Faculty of Medicine, The National Ribat University, Khartoum, Sudan between January and June 2010. The study consists of 139 subjects, which includes 41 Sudanese identical twins (82 subjects), 50(More)
In this paper, the influence of swirl on solid fuel regression rate and combustion phenomena in a solid fuel ramjet has been investigated numerically. Firstly, an in-house code has been developed to solve axisymmetric Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes equations of the unsteady turbulent swirling compressible flow field with chemical reactions. Secondly,(More)
To determine normal values of respiratory function for Sudanese, a randomized stratified cross-sectional study was performed on 2250 healthy Sudanese aged 7-86 years in 2002-05. Data were obtained through a questionnaire, pulmonary function testing and taking anthropometric measurements. Lung function and anthropometric measurements were correlated and(More)