Omelan A. Lukasewycz

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Analyses of cell surface determinants of splenocytes from copper-deficient C58 mice indicate alterations in lymphocyte subpopulation characteristics. Both the absolute number and the relative percentage of surface immunoglobulin-bearing (B) cells from copper-deficient mice were significantly greater than those from copper-supplemented controls. The relative(More)
Chronic copper deficiency in mice impairs both humoral and cell-mediated immunity, but the mechanisms are unknown. Copper deficiency was produced in C58 mice by feeding dams a diet low in copper throughout lactation and weaning the pups to this diet. Control mice were from dams fed the same diet but with copper supplementation the drinking water.(More)
Dietary copper (Cu) was restricted in Swiss albino mice during five discrete intervals over a 9-wk period of perinatal development: gestation only (G), lactation only (L), 3 wk postlactation (PL), 1 wk after birth through postlactation (2/3L + PL), and lactation plus postlactation (L + PL). Biochemical and immunological status of mice in copper-deficient(More)
Weanling albino male mice rapidly develop biochemical signs of copper deficiency when fed a purified diet containing 0.5 mg Cu/kg. Plasma ceruloplasmin activity of copper-deficient (−Cu) mice was 5% of that of copper-adequate (+Cu) control mice after only 3 d on the diet. More gradual loss of organ (liver, spleen, and thymus) cytochromec oxidase activity(More)
Inbred C58 mice, kept on a copper-deficient (-Cu) diet from birth, were tested for their ability to be immunized to, and subsequently challenged with, line Ib syngeneic transplantable malignant lymphocytes (Ib cells). -Cu mice had significantly lowered hematocrits and serum ceruloplasmin (EC values in contrast to those of the copper-supplemented(More)
The capacity of immune spleen, lymph node, peritoneal, bone marrow, and thymic cells to protect C58/wm mice from syngeneic transplanted line Ib leukemia was quantified. Cells harvested 14 to 15 days after primary immunization were used for adoptive protection tests. Regression curves were computer analyzed and log10, PD50 values compared. For immune spleen,(More)
Dose-response curves of the cellular immune response of C58/wm mice to syngeneic line Ib malignant lymphoid cells (Ib cells) were computer analyzed by the PROBT subroutine in the IBM Scientific Subroutine Package. An analysis of the relative immunogenicity of various admixtures of x-irradiated (XIb) and viable Ib cells (VIb) after i.p. injection showed that(More)