Omar Yaakob

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This paper shows a study on two chambers soft actuator development and its application to an artificial soft actuator fin. Simulations of two chambers actuator are conducted using finite element method software and the bending angles produced are computed. Eleven designs are proposed and compared which differ in separating wall thickness, actuator(More)
In view of the depleting non-renewable energy resources, renewable energy resources technologies are being developed. In wave energy areas, the focus is on the Oscillating Water Column (OWC) concept. The main objective of this research work was to design and build a system to convert the wave energy from Malaysian sea areas into useful power. In this study,(More)
In this study, the hydrodynamics and noise prediction of a five blade marine propeller were analyzed through numerical and experimental methods under variety operational conditions. The hydrodynamics of the propeller was studied and the characteristic curves were presented in both numerical and experimental methods. Inception and development of sheet(More)
Waste heat recovery from shipboard machineries could be a potential source for heat treatment of ballast water. Similar to a shipboard schematic arrangement, a laboratory-scale engine-heat exchanger set-up harvesting waste heat from jacket water and exhaust gases was erected to test the level of species' mortalities. Mortalities were also assessed under(More)
There is an essential need for obtaining the mathematical representation of fish body undulations, which can be used for designing and building new innovative types of marine propulsion systems with less environmental impact. This research work presents a case study to derive the mathematical model for fish body movement. Observation and capturing image(More)
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