Omar S. Salih

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—Generative models hold the promise of reducing the computational load and cost caused by directly simulating a real system. They are vital to the design and performance evaluation of error control schemes and high layer wireless communication protocols. Therefore, designing an efficient and accurate generative model is highly desirable. Moreover, the(More)
Errors encountered in digital wireless channels are not independent but rather form bursts or clusters. Error models aim to investigate the statistical properties of bursty error sequences at either packet level or bit level. Packet-level error models are crucial to the design and performance evaluation of high-layer wireless communication protocols. This(More)
—Generative models, which can generate bursty error sequences with similar burst error statistics to those of descriptive models, have an immense impact on the wireless communications industry as they can significantly reduce the computational time of simulating wireless communication links. Adaptive generative models aim to produce any error sequences with(More)
—Generative models are created to be used in the design and performance assessment of high layer wireless communication protocols and some error control strategies. Generative models can replace real digital wireless channels to significantly reduce the time and complexity of system simulation. The errors occurring in digital wireless channels are not(More)
Hybrid Automatic Retransmission reQuest (HARQ) is an effective technique to improve the reliability of wireless communication systems by detecting, correcting, and retransmitting the erroneous packets. Packet-level error sequences obtained from physical layer wireless communication systems are important for the design and performance evaluation of high(More)
Soft decision decoding is currently used in many wireless communications systems because of its capability for increasing the coding gain. Soft generative models produce soft error sequences in order to help in the design and evaluation of the performance of many coding schemes and high layer wireless communication protocols. Errors in wireless fading(More)
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