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Experiment replication is a key component of the scientific paradigm. The purpose of replication is to verify previously observed findings. Although some Software Engineering (SE) experiments have been replicated, yet, there is still disagreement about how replications should be run in our field. With the aim of gaining a better understanding of how(More)
The verification of a previously observed finding is important. Being able to verify a finding provides some guarantee that it is not product of chance but that the observed phenomenon is stable or regular. The most well done way of verifying experimental findings is through replication. But, is this the only method for verifying the observations of an(More)
1 Background on Replications Replication is an essential part of the experimental paradigm and is considered the cornerstone of scientific knowledge (Moonesinghe et al. 2007). Experiments need to be replicated in different contexts, at different times and under different conditions before they can produce generalizable knowledge (Campbell and Stanley 1963).(More)
This paper presents an experience report about an experiment that evaluates duration and effort of pair and solo programming. The experiment was performed as part of a course on Design of Experiments (DOE) in Software Engineering (SE) at Autonomous University of Yucatan (UADY). A total of 21 junior student subjects enrolled in the bachelor's degree program(More)
Resumen—El objetivo de este trabajo se centra en investigar los efectos que conlleva realizar experimentos en ingeniería de software (IS) empleando como sujetos experimentales a estu-diantes de pregrado cursando su primer a ˜ no de estudios de la carrera en ingeniería de software. De manera particular en este trabajo se investiga la efectividad medida en(More)
<b>Background:</b> Although most Computer Science (CS) programs offered by higher education institutions usually include a software engineering course, some works report a lack of formal training in software testing. <b>Aim:</b> With the aim of studying the possible impact of knowledge acquired from CS programs on software testing, this paper reports an(More)
Agile software development has been widespread adopted. One well-known agile approach is eXtreme Programming (XP) where pair programming (PP) is a relevant practice. Although various aspects of PP have been studied, we have not found, under a traditional model of PP, studies that examine the impact of using an IDE tool support. In an attempt to obtain a(More)
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