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Release and autografting remains a mainstay of treatment of cutaneous and joint-associated contractures. However, owing to secondary contraction of grafts and the increase of children undergoing burn reconstructive surgery, recurrence of contractures is not uncommon. Locally available, well-vascularised tissue that will contract minimally and grow with the(More)
E-cigarette (EC) use has risen meteorically over the last decade. The majority of these devices are powered by re-chargeable lithium ion batteries, which can represent a fire hazard if damaged, over-heated, over-charged or stored inappropriately. There are currently no reports in the medical literature of lithium ion battery burns related to EC use and no(More)
INTRODUCTION To determine the true rupture rates of PIP implants from a large single surgeon cohort and to assess whether rupture rates varied depending on time of implant insertion. In addition, the efficacy of ultra sound scanning (USS) in determining rupture is examined. DESIGN Predominantly prospectively based analysis of patient records,(More)
Superficial acral fibromyxoma is a rare soft tissue tumour affecting the digits, particularly the nail bed region. The condition was first described in 2001. We report the case of a 71-year-old man who presented with a long standing history of a lump affecting the pulp of the his right ring finger. This was surgically excised and subsequent pathological(More)
Local anaesthetics (LAs) are used by medical practitioners in a number of clinical settings. The choice of agent and mode of administration is influenced by their experience, speciality and knowledge of the evidence base. Patients often express concern about the discomfort experienced during injection. Although short lived, the pain of LA administration in(More)
INTRODUCTION The risk of Poly Implant Prosthesis (PIP) breast implant failure has been quantified by the Department of Health as 2-6 times greater than other brands. In the UK, removal of PIP breast implants is recommended when failure is suspected from patient history or clinical findings. Owing to conflicting reports of accuracy in current literature,(More)