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—The dynamic characteristics, and in particular the modulation bandwidth, of high-speed semiconductor lasers are determined by intrinsic factors and extrinsic parameters. In particular, carrier transport through the heterostructure and thermalization, or quantum capture in the gain region, tend to play an important role. We have made a detailed study of(More)
— Fabrication and characterization of monolithically integrated SiGe–Si PIN–HBT transimpedance photoreceivers are reported. SiGe–Si technology has been developed leading to SiGe–Si HBT's with fT = 23 GHz and fmax = 34 GHz, and to PIN photodiodes with responsivity of 0.3 A/W at = 850 nm and bandwidth of 450 MHz. SiGe–Si HBT transimpedance amplifiers showed(More)
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