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BACKGROUND Non-attendance is common in primary care and previous studies have reported that reminders were useful in reducing broken appointments. OBJECTIVE To determine the effectiveness of a text messaging reminder in improving attendance in primary care. DESIGN Multicentre three-arm randomized controlled trial. SETTING Seven primary care clinics in(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare the morbidity patterns in public and private primary care clinics; determine patients' reasons for encounter (RFE) and diagnoses using the ICPC-2, and compare ten commonest diagnoses and RFEs. METHODS A cross-sectional study on randomly selected clinics was conducted nationwide. Doctors completed the Patient Encounter Record (PER)(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine treatment outcomes and associated predictors of all patients registered in 2012 with the Malaysian National Tuberculosis (TB) Surveillance Registry. METHODS Sociodemographic and clinical data were analysed. Unfavourable outcomes included treatment failure, transferred out and lost to follow-up, treatment defaulters, those not(More)
This study aimed to compare the process of care and the choice of antihypertensive medications used in both public and private primary care clinics in Malaysia. A cross-sectional survey was completed in 2008 on randomly selected 100 public health clinics and 114 private primary care clinics in Malaysia. A total of 4076 patient records, 3753 (92.1%) from(More)
BACKGROUND Overprescription of antibiotics is a continuing problem in primary care. This study aims to assess the antibiotic prescribing rates and antibiotic choices for upper respiratory tract infections (URTI) and urinary tract infections (UTI) in Malaysian primary care. METHOD Antibiotic prescribing data for URTI and UTI was extracted from a morbidity(More)
Primary care providers play an important gatekeeping role in ensuring appropriate referrals to secondary care facilities. This cross-sectional study aimed to determine the level, pattern and rate of referrals from health clinics to hospitals in the public sector, and whether the placement of resident family medicine specialist (FMS) had made a significant(More)
Chilaiditi's sign describes the incidental radiographic finding of the bowel positioned between the right diaphragm and the liver. This is often misdiagnosed as pneumoperitoneum or free air under the diaphragm, which may lead to unnecessary investigations or surgical procedures. Here, we report two incidental chest radiograph findings of air under the(More)
BACKGROUND The Ministry of Health is committed to achieve Millenium Development Goal (MDG) MDG 4 and 5 by 2015 and include pre-pregnancy care as a strategy. This study evaluates the risk factors detected during the pre-pregnancy screening at selected public primary care clinics in Selangor. OBJECTIVES The objectives of this study were to determine the(More)
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