Omar Meqdadi

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A highly efficient lightweight forward static slicing approach is presented and evaluated. The approach does not compute the program/system dependence graph but instead dependence and control information is computed as needed while computing the slice on a variable. The result is a list of line numbers, dependent variables, aliases, and function calls that(More)
An information retrieval technique, latent semantic indexing (LSI), is used to automatically identify traceability links from system documentation to program source code. The experiment is performed in the TraceLab framework. The solution provides templates and components for building and querying LSI space and datasets (corpora) that can be used as inputs(More)
A case study of three open source systems undergoing large adaptive maintenance tasks is presented. The adaptive maintenance task involves migrating each system to a new version of a third party API. The changes to support the migration were spread out over multiple years for each system. The first two systems are both part of KDE, namely KOffice and(More)
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