Omar Maiwand

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One hundred patients undergoing thoracotomy had their intercostal nerves blocked by cryoanalgesia before closure and the effect of this on their postoperative pain was evaluated. Of the 100 patients, 79 were free of pain, 12 had some discomfort, and nine reported severe pain necessitating narcotic analgesia (mean 1.5 injections per patient). Only five(More)
For specification of the requirements for efficient cell cryodestruction in tumors, we tested a N2O-driven cryoprobe on experimental models. The cryoprobe was a 3-mm-diameter type for operation via fiber optic bronchoscopes in respiratory medicine. The freezing process, namely the "ice-ball" formation around the cryoprobe tip, was monitored with an(More)
BACKGROUND Endobronchial metastases from extrapulmonary tumors are rare and often cause significant symptoms particularly when they present within the main bronchial tree. Cryotherapy has been shown to be effective in the treatment of primary malignancies of the endobronchial tree. This is the first detailed analysis of the application of cryotherapy to(More)
Actinomycosis is a worldwide chronic infection caused by an anaerobic Gram-positive organism. The human disease is most commonly caused by Actinomyces israelii, described by Israel in 1878. The organism is a normal commensal ofthe mouthand is found especially in the tonsils and in carious teeth. This endogenous infection is characterised by granulation(More)
A 50-year-old woman presented with dyspnea associated with two isolated metastases in the right lung, which was 1 year after the resection of a primary pleomorphic fibrous histiocytoma from her left thigh. At a planned thoracotomy, the tumor was found to be advanced, contraindicating lobectomy. We aimed to completely destroy the tumor by applying(More)
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