Omar M. Raoof

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“Game Theory” is a promising mathematical tool to improve the utilization of radio frequency spectrum in wireless networks. In this paper, we consider the problem of spectrum sharing between a primary user and a group of secondary users. We formulate our solution in such a way that one of the secondary users will be a secondary primary user by sharing the(More)
Current mobile devices are often equipped with several network interfaces, which may be of different access technologies, both wireless and cellular. As a result, many networks are evolving to serve diverse communication needs. These networks are increasingly interoperable and based on IP architectures. Wide area networks, with pervasive coverage in many(More)
This paper adapts a novel dynamic multimedia resource allocation auction-based mechanism for wireless ad-hoc networks. In auction scheme, bidders bid the data which is stored on the server. In this paper, we are assuming that the bidder's bids are based on either a modified first or second-price sealed-bid auction mechanisms, which is accumulated throughout(More)
In Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) many routing protocols exist, which are capable of routing data packets from source to destination. Each protocol is designed to fulfill its requirement; the constant network context (i.e. number of nodes, mobility, etc); but network context could be changed during the running time which affects the protocol performance and(More)
Future generation multi-homed networks are envisioned to be a combination of diverse but complementary access technologies. Internetworking these types of networks will provide mobile users with ubiquitous connectivity across a wide range of networking environments. The integration of existing and emerging heterogeneous wireless networks requires the design(More)
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