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The United Kingdom (UK) uveal melanoma guideline development group used an evidence based systematic approach (Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN)) to make recommendations in key areas of uncertainty in the field including: the use and effectiveness of new technologies for prognostication, the appropriate pathway for the surveillance of(More)
Markups vary widely across industries and countries, their heterogeneity has increased overtime and asymmetric exposure to international trade seems partly responsible for this phenomenon. In this paper, we study how the entire distribution of markups a¤ects resource misallocation and welfare in a general equilibrium framework encompassing a large class of(More)
There is a strong negative cross-country correlation between the share of consumption that households spend on housing services and house price bubbles. Countries that spend less on housing services as a share of total consumption, experienced significantly more house price booms and busts during the period 1970 2014, and the associated housing boombust(More)
  • Omar Li, GZadis E. Amado, Martha DtLonardo, Isabe N. de Kantor
  • 2003
More and more Latin American and Caribbean countries are integrating the activities of their national tuberculosis programs into the general health services. For this and other reasons, the number of such services doing bacteriologic diagnosis of tuberculosis, usually by sputum-smear microscopy, is increasing. In addition, some of the dispensaries,(More)
Phytomedicines have been used for a long time in Europe, and like all drugs, they must comply with very strict rules in accordance with the current scientific and clinical requirements. All countries in the EC have set up guiding principles for the registration of these drugs, but the conceptual approach appears not to be identical in each member state. Of(More)
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